With Spring finally making itself known in Utah, butterflies are also making a comeback and gracing us with their presence.  

Butterflies are beautiful and according to Wild About Utah, there are over 250 butterfly species in the state. That is a lot of butterflies for one state, but the diverse ecosystems and large wildlife allows them to flourish.  

Yes, butterflies are pretty, but they have a nasty secret that isn’t talked about nearly enough. Some species have evolved to get their nutrients (amino acids) from other sources like...blood. That’s right, butterflies have evolved to find carcasses from miles away and they will drink blood to get what they need.  

They also will drink urine and feces. 

So, do you still think butterflies are the majestic creatures they have been portrayed to be? 

Well, don’t despair, they have a derpy cousin that has a bad rep but is just as beautiful. The moth.  

There are 180 types of these beautiful creatures in Utah, and they come out at night since they're nocturnal creatures. Perhaps that's why some people fear them or even view them as pests.  

Moths aren’t as brightly colored but still boast unique patterns and interesting bodies. They have furry bodies sometimes and more noticeable antennas. I get why this can freak people out but give them a chance! 

These little guys are very sensitive to environments and are good “indicator species”, Butterfly Conservation. Org said. Not only that, but they also provide food for other species like bats.  

So, next time you see a moth in Utah, be kinder and...be cautious of butterflies. They are not as cute as they seem.  


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