Traffic tickets are the freaking worst and seeing those red and blue lights flashing behind you is just a guaranteed mini heart attack.  

Now, most Utah cops I have met are reasonable and kind, they are just doing their jobs. No, there isn’t a quota that could make a person take up the mantle and with all the different crimes, there is no way a speeding ticket is a cop's highest priority.  

However, they do play a part in keeping a community safe and maintaining proper driving protocol.  

Getting pulled over doesn’t have to be a scary thing though and there are ways to fight a traffic ticket and deal with a police officer.  

Utah Liberty Law says there are three ways to deal with a ticket once it's been given. One, you can simply pay for the ticket and be on your way. Two, speak with the prosecutor and possibly get the case dismissed. Third, go to court. 

How Do You Deal with Utah Police Officers? 

Remain Calm 

Though it can be nerve wracking, keep your emotions in check when you are approached by an officer. Being nervous can give an officer more reason to be suspicious of you, Right Law Group said.  


Cops must be able to see your hands during the encounter. This is a part of their training and will make things go more smoothly.  

No Arguing  

Never argue with a police officer. This includes knowing your rights which includes the right to know what you are being pulled over for. Inquire politely about being pulled over. You can also refuse most searches.  


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