The Salt Lake City Airport will be getting a facelift this October as the building cuts some time off the Central Tunnel. 

Though construction is mostly done, the Salt Lake Tribune reports, there will be more going into the Central Tunnel making it an experience for tourists and locals. The tunnel won’t be shorter, but passengers won’t have to go through the A concourse to reach the B gates anymore.  

Not only that, but there will also be an ambience to the trek that passengers will have to take. Gordon Huether’s, who has other art in the SLC Airport, will also lead the art for the Central Tunnel.  

Covered in hues of blue, the new art will be titled the River Tunnel spanning 1,200 feet. This area of the airport hasn’t been updated since 2004, the SLT said.  

With the new art comes new music chosen by Huether with 100 different songs.  

Now when you go to the Central Tunnel, you’ll get the feeling of walking on a riverbed (hopefully) and shave off three to four minutes of what the walk would have been. The tunnel will remain open during all the changes, so don’t worry! 

“This is going to make a huge difference,” airport Executive Director Bill Wyatt said Wednesday, “in the way people experience the airport.” 

These changes are set to be finalized by Oct. 22, and flight passengers can see two more of Huether’s pieces: Canyon 2.0 and Northern Light.  

Hopefully these changes will make going to the airport a more fun experience and less stressful as well.  


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