Fantasy lovers of Utah, I have sad news for those who enjoy an immersive fantasy experience.  

Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, UT has closed its doors after a six-year run, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The park was a place of mystical fantasy immersion that allowed cosplayers and nerds to enjoy its quests and holiday themed events. Unfortunately, there were struggles from the beginning park founder Ken Bretschneider said.  

The pandemic hit the park hard and since then, it never really got back on its feet.  

“The past decade has been filled with its share of trials and tribulations, but also many moments of magic and imagination,” Bretschneider wrote. “After careful consideration by our management team and board of directors, we have made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to close the park indefinitely.” 

The park was unable to make rent since last December an investor in the park said. Several cases against Evermore relating to tax issues also played a role in its closing. The park had to take on loans during the pandemic and though those were forgiven, it never regained its success.  

Though many of the employees were seasonal there were a few full-time workers at Evermore Park.  

Several of the vendors of the park have taken to social media to find new locations for their fantasy buildings and businesses. The discussion of the parks closing has been making the rounds on social media for the last few weeks.  

Goodbye Evermore Park. You will be missed by cosplayers and fantasy lovers across the state.  

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