Many have already started planting their gardens as the weather heats up in Utah, meaning that the pollinators will be visiting more frequently. 

As an avid bee-lover, I think pollinator gardens are an absolute necessity to help support local bees. Utah has 900 native bee species and enjoys pollinating many different native plants, Utah State University said.  

For those who are a bit timid about bees, our native species have very little venom and aren’t prone to stinging. So, attracting more bees to your Utah yard is relatively safe (those who are allergic are obviously exempt from this.) 

So, while you are preparing your gardens or even just a few outdoor potted plants, why not add some bee-friendly species in? 

Providing a place for bees and other insect pollinators not only benefits them, but it helps your own garden look beautiful.  

There are a ton of plant species that bees love and even garden vegetables attract these fuzzy little guys. So, if you are planting squash or anything similar, you’re off to a good start.  

The list of bee-friendly plants is too long to list but here are a few common plants you can plant to get started: 

  • Bell Flower 
  • Bee Plant 
  • Larkspur 
  • Wild Buckwheat 
  • Sunflower 
  • Lavender 
  • Mint 
  • Rosemary 
  • Sage 
  • Spirea 

Whether you are just starting out or adding to your garden, these plants will be good for Utah’s bees. If you don’t have space for a full garden, there’s no hard in putting some of these in pots and doing what you can.  

Be careful with pesticides as they can harm our friendly local pollinators and have the opposite effect.  

Good luck with your Utah pollinator garden! 


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