Most people are trying to do their part when it comes to recycling in Utah, but the guidelines can be a bit hazy for certain items.  

Most homes have a blue can dedicated to recycling once a week but what to put in those blue cans can be confusing. Some glass is allowed, some lightbulbs can be recycled but not all.  

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality shared a list of items that should NOT be put into your Utah recycle bin.  


It's easy to assume that all glass is safe to put into the recycle bin because of past propaganda for recycling. That is not true. Different types of glass have different melting points making recycling difficult. Glass from bottles and jars is generally safe to recycle but anything from vases, cookware or windows won’t be.  

Plastic Bags 

Though several grocery stores offer plastic bags, they are still common. These are a definite no-go for your Utah recycle bin.  


Because of its plastic level, Styrofoam is not able to go through general recycling. You can take it to a third-party recycler that can process it.  

Light Bulbs 

There are so many kinds of lightbulbs that figuring out which ones can be recycled can be a challenge. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs are good to throw in the trash since they don’t have toxic chemicals. Check with your local hardware stores and recycling centers to see what they will take.  

If you have any materials that you think could be recyclable, reach out to your local recycling facility to check in.  

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