The bees are buzzing and Spring is bringing back all the (mostly) wonderful creatures of Utah.  

Southern Utah specifically is seeing all the butterflies and wasps buzzing around as the temperatures have heated. As Utah citizens, it's our job to help the pollinators who make our state so beautiful to survive and prosper as much as possible. 

With all the fake grass around St. George, it can be difficult for bees to access a “safe haven”. So, what can you do to help our Utah pollinators? There are a few things to consider.  

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services offers a few ways to help.  

Citizen Scientist 

If you’re feeling very motivated, try being a part of a citizen scientist project that monitors the pollinators’ habitats.  

Pollinator Garden 

Pollinator gardens are a great way to provide for pollinators this Summer. Try to go for native Utah plants which will attract a plethora of pollinators to your garden. It's free pollen and nectar for local butterflies and bees. Plus, it looks pretty.  

Keep A Lookout 

Pollinators like hummingbirds use things like moss and spider webs to build their nests. Some bees use ground nests which can be hard to spot. So, keep an eye out not to disturb the homes of our hard-working Utah pollinators.  

Avoid Pesticides 

It's simple to use pesticides since it's an easy approach to getting rid of pests. However, pesticides can be harmful to pollinators. Try to hand-trim weed that have been infested or grow plants that act as natural pesticides.  


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