Many Utahns are now thinking about vacation time and places to take their kids during the summer break.  

Well, if you're looking for a place that will help you relax and take you away from the bustling cities, there is a perfect location in Southern Utah; Duck Creek Village. It’s a small place and relatively closed off from the rest of the Southern Utah population.  

Located in a secluded mountain, Duck Creek Village offers beautiful views and gorgeous nature attractions.

Of course, camping is one of the top activities to do in Duck Creek Village but there are also lodgings you can stay at. Though this place may be small in Year-round population, it's not a secret so ret so camping, and lodgings can fill up quickly.  

There are several ATV areas to take the family and hiking is a popular past time here.  

Trip Advisor said that the top three activities don’t even include ATVs so there are plenty of things to do here.  

You can visit Strawberry Point, an overlook that gives you a view of the valley below. With all the trees and greenery, it's absolutely breathtaking. Or you can hike to Mammoth Cave and see unique rock structures. Though I should warn you that it is home to bats as the sign for the cave mentions.  

If you are looking for a peaceful lake, there are several in Duck Creek Village but the most popular is Aspen Mirror Lake. It is clear and stunning water so it would be nice to have a family picnic around. Plus, you may even see some wildlife! 

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