Utah has a tricky reputation when it comes to being friendly, and for 2024, the stats aren’t looking good.  

If you aren’t familiar with Utah culture, some of the norms may come as a surprise. The Church of Latter-Day Saints has a big fluence...everywhere. Schools, politics, and even grocery stores. The LDS culture also has a reputation for being one of the friendliest, however that isn’t always the case.  

It's also a known red state so anyone looking for blue friends will have to search hard.  

The World Population Review has ranked the friendliest states in 2024 and Utah doesn’t even make the top 10 or 20.  

Utah ranks at number 32 for friendliest states voted by victors. Apparently, we aren’t so friendly, at least not to tourists. 

The number one friendliest state belongs to Minnesota, which isn’t all that surprising. The World Population Review said that visitors experienced extra politeness while visiting the state.  

Apparently, Utah has some work to do when it comes to welcoming tourists and new residents to the state. It's been a well-known fact that Utah dislikes California transplants and Facebook gets quite wild about it.  

Another unsurprising ranking from The World Population Review is that New York is the least friendly state in the U.S. in 2024. The date was provided by Big 7 Travel who asked a ton of their followers for their opinions on social media.  

They said that Salt Lak City was one of the coolest places to visit in Utah with an LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere.  


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