Utah is not known for its food and though locals will proudly boast about their Jell-O dishes and funeral potatoes, some don’t agree.  

There are apparently four foods in Utah that just aren’t it. I’m about to break some hearts with this one but yes, funeral potatoes made the list. According to Taste Atlas, some of the foods Utahns are very proud of are the worst rated. It's a tragedy, I know.  

First on the list is frog eye salad. Though I think it can be great when made correctly, I have also had my share of bad frog eye salad. The concoction is a mix of pasta and fruit is a weird one but oddly good...just not in Utah apparently.  

Now this next one will truly make Utah grandmothers upset but, Jell-O. It came second on the list of worst-rated Utah foods. So, it may be time to step away from Jell-O dishes and perhaps try a cake?  

Next on the list isn’t surprising since it’s more of an East Coast specialty. Pastrami burgers are not something often found in Utah anyway so to find a halfway decent one would be a struggle. The most likely place you’ll find one would be in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas.  

Lastly...funeral potatoes. Though these are probably one of the most well-known Utah staples, I'm guessing people from out of state don’t appreciate them as much. This dish is big in LDS communities and is made for just about every kind of party. However, I still think they have nothing on mashed potatoes! 


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