Once again, St. George is under fire after a white nationalist group posted a controversial sign on the Utah Tech Campus.  

ABC4 reported that the sign was posted on Friday March 8, but was promptly taken down because the policies for free speech and assembly were not followed, UT Spokesperson Jyl Hall said. The group responsible is called the Desert Dixie Active Club and has roughly a dozen members according to the Facebook group page.  

This is one of the many signs the group has put up around St. George. The signs included things like “stop white replacement” and “close the border”. The most recent sign posted by the group had an image of a red face that was distorted and the group's logo, ABC4 reported.  

This isn’t the first time the Desert Dixie Active Group has targeted a school. Southern Utah University also had a sign put up on their campus recently.  

The Desert Dixie Active Group has also targeted roads and other objects to drape their signs. The St. George Police told ABC4 that they had recently taken similar signs down in the area.  

Utah Tech University is used to the kinds of signs and issues since its name change which happened in Summer 2022. From Dixie State University to Utah Tech University, the school has been working toward upgrading its status and separating from the controversial name.   

Before that, when the school was still a college and not a university, their mascot was the Dixie Rebels which had racial connotations. There were also “slave auctions” held on campus which had students paint their face in black face and be sold off.  


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