When we think of veterans we tend to think of the brave men and women who serve this country, however there are some others to keep in mind; K-9 units. 

Utah has its own Utah K9 program that trains dogs to be in the line of duty. On a local level, the K9 units will join patrol, narcotics, cadaver, explosives, SWAT, search and rescue, and tracking. These dogs are heavily trained and considered part of the team. They also have a special bond with their trainers.  

Dogs have been part of military use since World War I when Dogs for Defense was formed to help with war efforts. Now, these brave animals have been introduced to several branches of defense and local authority.  

This Wednesday is National K9 Veterans Day and it's a great time to appreciate your local K9 units here in Utah.  

They help to protect the communities we live in and they’re very cute too. How can you help your local K9 units? 

  • Recognize a K9 Veteran 
  • Attend a local ceremony honoring K9 units either military or local. 
  • See if there are any charities you can give to.  

National K9 Veterans Day is also held on the same day as official birthday of the US Army K9 Corps, the National Day Calendar said.  

Utah has such a good program for training dogs and handlers that even some out of state officers come here to get trained. So, make sure to recognize and thank the super great handlers and dogs that serve our country and communities.  


Lagoon, Farmington Utah

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