Listen, I know it's still cold right now, even in Southern Utah but there is never a bad time to indulge in some frozen yogurt.  

Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so since National Frozen Yogurt Day is celebrated annually on Feb. 6. That’s definitely still Winter in most places.  

Frozen yogurt has been around since 1970 which makes it a rather “new” food in history's eyes. However, it only seems to be growing in popularity according to the National Day Calendar. This is because it is a healthy alternative to ice cream.  

H.P Hood developed the first frozen yogurt in 1970 in the United States. It was created as a soft-serve treat called Frogurt. Not long afterward, Humphreys and Dannon released their own versions of frozen yogurt. Its popularity grew in the 80s, mostly due to frozen yogurts "health food" status. Ice cream manufacturers soon caught on, offering low-fat options.”—National Day Calendar  

Utah has its own favorite frozen yogurt places including Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and Yogurtland.  

Southern Utah has a few Menchie’s locations and one Yogurtland in St. George. Both specialize in frozen yogurt and are great date places! Or you can just go by yourself but either way it's delicious.  

So, Tuesday, Feb. 6 is the perfect day to go out and grab some frozen yogurt from your favorite local shop or even the grocery store to celebrate at home.  

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite places to grab frozen yogurt are! 

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Celebrate Frozen Yogurt Month at These Upstate New York Favorites!

It is curious that National Frozen Yogurt Day and Month falls in February, isn't it? I mean the icy tentacles of winter usually hold tight this month and maybe the last thing we might desire is a cup of frozen anything. But it is, so let's highlight it. At least we can dream of warm weather coming up right around the corner!

Here is a list of some top frozen yogurt places in Upstate New York. We have tried to stick to mom-and-pop independent stands throughout the region, but some larger ones have snuck onto the list. We recognize the size and popularity of chains like TCBY, Sweet Frog, and others, and they are delicious. So we put one large franchise place on the list as a representative of all the others (Menchie's, which has 500 locations nationwide).

But the others are small, mostly seasonal (unless they are inside) and wonderful. It is amazing how long a lot of these have been around..50, 60 and 80 years!

Oh, and we also put some legendary custard places on this list too, just for fun. We all like ice cream, that is for sure. But sometimes it is only a cup of frozen yogurt or frozen custard that will hit the spot!


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