Every year in Utah people are looking for ways to make money and what industries will be the most profitable.  

That can be healthcare, business, and so many other industries that are not only in demand but have some good profit. According to DevRev, Utah comes in tenth for its demand of Tech workers, which doesn’t come as a surprise.  

In 2023, there were over 123,000 people in the beehive state that worked in the tech industry according to CompTIA. Thats about 7.2% of the Utah workforce and ranks ninth in the U.S.s percentages.  

Tech workers are also making a decent amount of money with $83,891 as the state's median for the industry. Not only that but tech workers make 108% higher than other industries wage medians in the state.  

Just in Utah there are 9,300 tech businesses. About 10% of the state's economy is due to its tech industry as well.  

So, for any high school seniors or college freshmen in Utah who haven’t picked an industry to pursue, tech might be good.  

What kind of jobs can you have in the tech industry in Utah? 

Well, there are a ton of options, and it's never too late to grab a new skill, especially in the tech industry. Some jobs include web developer, data architect, data scientist, software developer, cloud engineer, engineer, information security analyst, and more.  

Essentially, there are some great job opportunities for up-and-coming workers in Utah, especially with tech.  

If you’re already in tech in the beehive state, thanks for all your work!  


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