Police brutality has been a topic of discussion since the beginning of the force, however now a training that has been labeled “unconstitutional” has made its way to Utah.  

The issue was noticed by New Jersey where a conference by Street Cop Training was held, Fox 13 reported. Utah has paid thousands of tax dollars for this training of our own precincts in 2021, the article said.  

Street Cop Training instructors were investigated by the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller which found the training to be unconstitutional. Remarks made by the instructors were degrading, discriminatory and involved harassment.  

What we found was really disturbing,” said Acting State Comptroller Kevin Walsh. “Instructors taught unconstitutional policing practices, teaching officers to stop motorists without a lawful basis and to illegally prolong traffic stops. They denigrated women and racial and ethnic minorities. They promoted a warrior mentality and glorified violence. They belittled internal affairs. They dehumanized civilians. They made jokes about their genitalia and harassed members of the audience. This training was paid for with public funds.” 

There are 18 police departments in Utah that have spent money (taxpayer money) on this training, Fox 13 News found. $13,000 is what Utah has paid for it so far.  

Some of the Utah police departments have said they will not be using the training but not all of them. Emery County said they “love to attend” more of Street Cop Training in the future.  

Utah police departments seem divided on the issue, but New Jersey is requiring retraining for all its officers.  

Some of the comments were super disturbing in the videos that have been released of Street Cop Training and I hope that as a woman, I never run into a Utah cop who took this training and liked it.  

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