I don’t know why there are people who don’t understand common road courtesy in Utah when it comes to flashing their brights. 

For whatever reason, people driving at night think the whole road needs to know they have some nice brights. Blindingly obvious and obnoxious headlights that annoy other drivers and cause dangerous situations.  

It always seems like it's some dude in a big truck overcompensating for unknown reasons. Dude, just turn off your brights for the love of God. 

Not only is it super annoying but it's illegal in Utah to have your super flashy brights on within 500 feet of oncoming traffic or 300 feet behind someone. Those drivers that like to ride your car while they have their brights on are actually breaking the law.  

Those who get modified LED lights are notorious for tailgating for some reason and feel the need to be right up on you. Well, it's an infraction and can be super dangerous.  

Driving at night is already scary for some, especially those who have eye astigmatisms which cause lights to bend in odd ways. Brights are meant to help SEE not cause someone else not to see while driving.  

Utah already has an issue with road rage incidents, so I am sure that this doesn't help at all. Let's be kind to our fellow drivers and follow road laws to ensure the best driving experience that we can.  

Be chill and turn off your lights random truck dude driving at night in Utah.  


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