So, I am not the biggest fan of hiking but recently Utah Instagramers are making me rethink that stance. 

Explore.Hike.Teach on Instagram is the main account that had me thinking that there might be something to this whole hiking craze that encompasses Utah.   

Donut Falls is in Salt Lake City, UT and looks great for a beginner like me. According to, this is a beloved trail that is easy for kids and family to hike. It's usually busy during the mornings and as temperatures in the Beehive state rise, I expect it to be a whole lot more crowded.  

Donut Falls is in Big Cottonwood Canyon and is 3.9 miles total. So, yeah, a pretty easy hike. says the best time of year to visit is during Summer. From mid-July through August, hikers will get a chance to see the beautiful wildflowers that bloom along the trail.

Along the trail you’ll find a hole in a short cavern where water seeps through, which is what the spot is named after. From all the videos and photos, it seems like a peaceful and fun hike for any level. Not to mention, the trail is said to be wide so taking a group of friends would be easy.  

However, as beautiful as the shallow cavern is, Explore.Hike.Teach does say that it was the most trash-filled trails she has seen. So, if you do go, please, please pick up your trash so that everyone can enjoy it. 

Next time I head to Salt Lake City, this will be on my list of things to check out. Let me know if you’ve been! 

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