Dog enthusiasts, animal lovers, and community event goers get ready for a wagg-tatstic Saturday at Whisker & Bone.  

Whisker & Bone will be hosting its official grand opening this Saturday, July 8 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. This pet shop is all women-owned and offers a super unique experience for your furry friend. There are self-serve dog washes, grooming services, and more.  

Check out our article for full shop details.  

I'm honestly really excited about seeing all the dogs that I have missed in the past six months while we've been under construction,” Whisker & Bone Owner Samm Albright said. “We've had a few dogs come in who either had puppies like years ago or even knew their owners before they even got the monthly payment and like everything that puppy needed, and they're starting to come in again. So, I feel like this is a party for me to say hello to all my little dogs that I've met in the past...” 

This grand opening isn’t just for the dogs though, there’s something for people too.  

There will be Yummy Arepas and Doc’s Cookies to munch on at the event as well as an adoption event (I suppose that’s for both humans and dogs).  

You can of course bring your furry friend, and you should! There is a free nail trim available when you get a self-wash. Plus, there are going to be quite a few items on sale according to the Instagram post.  

Doggy Bakes will also be selling limited-edition cherry churros for the pups! 

“I feel like this is a place that you only need to come to once and you’ve found your tribe” Albright said.  

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