Farmstead has opened its own coffee shop recently in the middle of downtown St. George not too far from its original location.  

Right where the company previously had a Mediterranean-inspired food place off Tabernacle Street is Farmstead Coffee Co. Replaced not long ago, the new coffee shop is small but homey with an earthy and clean feel to it. Though there isn’t too much seating inside, there is plenty of covered outside seating for guests.  

The decor is white with coffee bags adorning one wall. When you walk in there is a counter to order along with a menu on a side wall. Farmstead Coffee Co offers espresso, nitro and sweeter drinks. Of course, there is also select pastries and sandwiches to choose from. 


I am honestly not an iced coffee person, but I decided to try the cinnamon and brown sugar latte. It was seven dollars, which can be relatively expensive for some. I also couldn’t help but order an almond croissant which was AMAZING! 


Overall, this place gets a 6/10 for vibes and decor plus being downtown. The atmosphere was open and nice, and I enjoyed sipping my coffee while listening to some excited patrons.  

However, for the coffee and croissant, I spent $14(not including a tip) and was not overly impressed with the coffee.  


It seems like a great place for study groups or small friend gatherings to chat. When it cools down in the Fall, I am sure it will be lovely to sit outside. I say to give it a try and support the local business, especially if you are a fan of Farmstead.  

Just be aware the prices are a bit high and indoor seating is limited.  


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