Doggy Bakes is a local bakery for dogs made possible through the love of animal rescue. 

Owner, Amiyo Gill, began this endeavor last year after trying her hand at baking human-grade dog treats for RSQ Utah. RSQ Utah is a non-kill animal rescue organization located in Southern Utah which will occasionally hold bake-sales to help raise money for animals who need medical assistance.  

Gill was one of those bakers.  

One of her own dogs, Allah was a rescue from RSQ Utah. After having worked with the organization and even adopting her own dog, she decided to continue baking.  

Doggy Bakes became a huge sensation at the Downtown Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. They sell out almost every weekend. The locally-owned shop offers treats like doggy churros, cookies, hot pockets, and more. Pup cups sometimes get offered to customers at the market too. 

“So, I don't use any preservatives, no dyes, no, anything in my treats. They're all freshly baked. So that being said, they do best in the refrigerator. They're fine for markets just because it's four hours. It's not very long and I throw back in whatever I have left,” Gill said.  

Each week she dedicates a total of 24 hours to baking when she has days off from her full-time job.  


“I don't know, animals are my passion, always have been my passion. I always thought about maybe being like a vet tech or a vet,” Gill said. “But I'm like, I could never put an animal down that would kill me. So, I love that this is kind of like my way in with animals.” 


You can grab some delicious treats (for your dog) from Whisker & Bone, the shop that Doggy Bakes is located in. They opened last April and have been serving the community ever since!


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