Sushi is one of the best types of food, and despite Utah being land-locked, we have amazing sushi places.  

Though most of them are up north, other sushi locations are scattered across the state. Trip Advisor has updated its 2024 list of best sushi places in Utah. Lucky up north dwellers can eat the best rated sushi. If you’re from Southern Utah, you’ll have to travel a bit. 

Utah’s BEST Sushi Spots: 


Located in Salt Lake City, Takashi is the No. 1 rated sushi restaurant in Utah. It offers rolls of Wagyu beef, delicious nigiri and sashimi, and U.S. favorites like Katsu. It has 799 reviews on Trip Advisor proclaiming the sushi amazing AND well priced. This will definitely be a stop for me next time I am in SLC.  

Sapa Sushi Bar & Asian Grill 

Though this is Asian fusion, the rolls are said to be incredible. You can also grab some noodles, entrees such as boneless short ribs and more. There are 113 reviews on Trip Advisor proclaiming Sapa Sushi Bar to be the best sushi in SLC. However, it only made No.2 on the Trip Advisor list.  

Tsunami Restaurant & Sushi Bar 

No.3 on the list of Utah’s best sushi places is Tsunami. Just looking at the menu is enough to make me consider using some of my PTO. The small plates look AMAZING and besides the usual gyoza and edamame, there are some more adventuress foods like salmon ragoons and mussel shooters. There are also a ton of rolls to choose from as well as entrees for non-sushi lovers.  

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