All the rankings for 2024 are coming out, and Utah’s are on point when it comes to the states’ favorite fast foods.  

The World Population Review compiled a list of each state's favorite fast food broken down into four categories; top rated chain, bests iconic chain, favorite breakfast, and most searches.  

If you’re a local or have at least lived in the area for a while, then these results probably won’t be surprising.  

Utah’s Favorite Fast Foods In 2024 

For the top-rated chain restaurant, Utah went with Chik-Fil-A which is a known love for Utahns. Unfortunately, I always crave it on Sundays when it's not open. For the best iconic chain, the beehive state went with Arctic Circle. I’m not sure how iconic it is, but you can find them all over the state, and they have good milkshakes! 

The ranking I found most surprising is that of all the chains, Utah picked McDonalds as its favorite for breakfast. I'll be honest, I don't eat there almost ever but maybe I'm missing out on something good.  

The most searched for restaurants in the state are McDonalds, Dominos, and lastly, Chik-Fil-A.  

Though these fast-food spots have their merits, it's surprising that In N Out didn’t make any of the rankings. Recently the chain is expanding in Southern Utah with a second location and has a favorable reputation across the U.S. 

There were also no chains that had anything but American foods, leaving out Panda Express and Cafe Rio which have locations all over the state.  


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