Mental Health is an issue that has been going on for ages and despite the social campaigns and normalization, it is still stigmatized. 

Utah has ranked worst for mental health for years and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. In 2024 Utah had a total of 29.68% of its population which is 675,000 people in the state. That is a lot of people to be struggling with mental health.  

According to USA Today, over 50 percent of U.S. adults with mental illness are not getting treatment. 28 million adults are the equivalent Americans not getting help and in March 27 percent reported “serious psychological distress” in February.  

So, what is the reason for this lack of mental health help in Utah? 

Well, the answer is that access to mental health resources and professionals can cost money. These costs aren’t always covered by insurance, and some cannot afford the insane costs.  

A Mental Health America study showed that 42 percent of U.S. citizens cannot afford it and 17 percent said that their insurance doesn't pay enough for care.  

Some other issues that those with mental health concerns ran into were being unsure of where to get help, thinking it could be solved on its own and lacking the time to seek help.  

Simply put, Utah and other places in the U.S. still don’t prioritize mental health which makes it difficult for people to get help. Utah needs to do better at taking it seriously since just as any physical health can impact daily life, so can mental health.  

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