St. George Utah has a rich history. From long before the first European explorers stepped foot in this valley, all the way up ‘til the present day, St. George has never stopped growing and changing. 

Many of the buildings that we drive past every day have been around much longer and we may think.  And these places were home to so many people that just like us, lived their lives on the very same spots we stand on now.

With the help of the Washington County Historical Society photo archives, we have been able to take these priceless photos and track down the exact locations in which they were taken many years ago.

History is one of those subjects in school that can either be incredibly boring, or incredibly exciting depending on how it’s presented.

Inspired by r/oldphotosinreallife, this gallery is designed to inspire the same kind of wonder and awe that we’ve experienced working on this project. These windows into the past connect us to our ancestors and those who have come before us.  If it were not for them and their hard work, we would not be able to enjoy life here today.

If you have any additional information about the people or places you see  in these pictures, we encourage you to contact us to help make our records more complete.

And if you get as excited about history as we do, we encourage you to check out the Washington County Historical Society and their volunteering opportunities.

Let’s go back in time!

St. George Utah, Then And Now

See how St. George Utah has changed over the years using historic photos in modern day locations
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