For as long as I can remember, I've always loved going to the movies.

Growing up in the '80s, movies were much different than they are today. It seems they were much more whimsical, fantastical and original.

But most of all I've noticed that movies from the '80s had ZERO CHILL.

Movie Cinema in St. George Utah circa 1982
Movie Cinema in St. George Utah circa 1982

Sometimes when I watch a movie that was made in the '80s, I am genuinely shocked at the level of misogyny, racism, and all around horrible behavior that passed as comedy.

I'm also shocked at the level of violence and gore that was acceptable in those days and still have the movie considered a family film.

Apparently I'm not alone. Recently we asked our listeners on Instagram what movies messed them up as a kid, and I concur with nearly all of them.

For all my fellow generation Xers, I think you will find these a bit jarring.

And to the younger generations, this will probably help explain to you why your parents are so tough.  If blue's clues was made in the '80s, blue would probably rip Steve's arm off.

Moments From 80's Movies That Scarred You For Life

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80s Movies That Could Never Be Made Today

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