NOT SO FUN FACT: Saint George Utah was downwind of a lot of atomic radiation in the 1950s.

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No. I don’t think you understand. We're talking A LOT. A lot of a lot.  TONS of it.

That’s because nuclear weapons were being tested about 150 miles away in Nevada.

Mercury Nevada test site, not far from St. George Utah (YouTube)
Mercury Nevada test site, not far from St. George Utah (YouTube)

It was close enough so that St. George residents could actually see the flashes of light when the bombs would detonate. The Effects of a Nuclear Bomb – Maiden on the Midway

As you may remember from middle school science, exposure to radiation has been linked to many cancers, deformities, and genetic disorders that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Basically every government reaction to when things go wrong (giphy)

Realizing that people would rightly worry about this, the government commissioned a series of films to put people at ease.

Of course these films were misleading if not outright lies. Instead of making people ACTUALLY safe, the government decided to just make people FEEL like they were safe.  Close enough, right?

This film is such an attempt.

The overarching message of this film says that since people in St. George are used to it, it can’t be that bad right?  Well, it was.  Here are some highlights of the film, and at the bottom of the gallery you can watch the film and it’s entirety courtesy of YouTube.

This Old Film About Bomb Testing In St. George Will Make Your Jaw Drop

According to this government video from 1955, radioactive fallout from bomb testing near St. George is no big deal. (SPOILER: It WAS.)

See the full video HERE:

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