I absolutely love history. Especially when it comes to local St. George Utah Pioneers and Native Americans.

Washington County Historical Society/Mikey Foley
Washington County Historical Society/Mikey Foley

I love being able to see historical photos of these men and women who shaped the desert into the community that we enjoy today. I love to learn everything about them, flaws and all.

Of course we build statues, and we honor them with dedications and holidays. But really, I think the best way to honor these people is to ask ourselves the ever-important question.

If we lived back then, would we smash or pass?

Because I don't want to be disrespectful(most of these people were religious mind you) let's just say that when I use the word smash, what I mean is smashing your lips against their lips. With consent of course 🙂

Okay enough disclaimers. It's time to play SMASH OR PASS: St. George Utah Pioneer Edition!

Smash or Pass: St. George Pioneer Edition

We owe a lot to our founding fathers and mothers. But would you smash or pass?
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