Utahns really love French fries, fry sauce or not, so it’s no surprise there are quite a few lists that claim, “Best French Fries in Utah”.  

However, Southern Utah seems to get left out! I know we don’t always have the best reputation for our food but come on, there are some pretty decent fries here. With all the burger and chicken sandwich joints there MUST be.  

National French Fry Day is celebrated on the second Friday of July and this year, Southern Utah is joining the Utah list(s) of “Best French Fries”. Without further ado, here are the best French Fries in Southern Utah (that I know): 

Bishops Grill— 

This is a St. George local favorite that’s great for breakfast and lunch. The fries are breaded and are of medium thickness. I like the flavoring of these guys a ton! Bishops Grill has two locations in St. George, one on Sunset Blvd and one in Washington City.  

Morty’s Cafe— 

Unfortunately, I can’t speak from experience, but the word is that this is one of the best local joints in town. On Google Reviews, Morty's Cafe has a 4.6-star rating and thousands of reviews! The sweet potato fries are a big attraction here. Morty’s Cafe also offers scone fries, which are a sweet funnel cake-like contraption that is also highly recommended.  

Cliffside Restaurant— 

With a 4.5-star rating and over a thousand reviews on Google, this one definitely made the list. People rave both about the number of fries that come with a meal and the toppings and sauce that come with them. You can grab a whole plate of Cliffside’s parmesan fries for an appetizer with a side of the restaurant’s own Fry sauce.  

These are my top three picks but I’m sure I missed a few. Let me know on our social media! 

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