Utah isn’t exactly a tea-loving state due to its LDS population that tends to stay away from the popular drink, however, the state does have a few notable shops.  

Dec. 15 is International Tea Day and although Utah isn’t known for drinking tea, the drink is still the second most popular in the world after water, according to the National Day Calendar. It's also been around for centuries and is thought to have originated in China.  

So, if you are a lover of tea like I am, these highly rated shops in Utah might interest you. 

The Tea Grotto 

Located in Salt Lake City this tea shop boasts a 4.7 rating on Google Reviews. The tea menu is pretty insane. There are two very full pages of just tea with green, black pu’erh, white, flowering teas, and more for patrons to try. They even have medicinal teas.   

You can also order tea from the Tea Grotto online.  

Tea Zaanti 

Also located up north, Tea Zaanti is another tea shop that has a unique twist, it also deals in wine. It has a 4.8 rating on Google Reviews and a unique mission to provide quality tea and wines as well as to cultivate community. There are a ton of organic teas to choose from. The shop is also big into sustainability and uses tea leaves to fertilize its gardens. You are also able to order teas online from the shop.  

Red Cliffs Boba Tea St. George 

This shop is a bit newer and unlike the other two tea shops because it specializes in boba tea. I have been there multiple times and can hands down say they have the best boba in town. Not only is the shop cute but the differing flavors and add-ons elevate the tea. If you’re in Southern Utah check out this 4.8 Google rated shop.  

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