DUB’s Barbeque is a Southern Utah classic but it's also so much more with family ties and an unbeatable taste. 

DUB’s has been around for about 17 years, providing slow-cooked barbecue to locals and tourists alike. Ran by the Devey family, you will get the best barbecue in the area and feel the love that exudes from the food and the people who work there.  

“We came out here not knowing anybody. And you know, we’ve been doing this for almost 17 years, and we have some people, literally the same people, who come in once a week once, once or twice for 17 years. Man, I'm just truly blessed,” DUB’s Owner Cameron Devey said.  

Devey started DUB’s with his mom who had a huge impact on not only the food but the culture that surrounds the place. His father, daughter, and many family members have been around to make this a true "family owned business". 


Initially, the Devey family played around with some of the sauces offering a “sauce of the week” until they found the perfect ones. You won't find barbecue sauces like this anywhere else. The sauces are homemade, and they range from sweet to spicy with perfect consistency.  

The sauces: DUB’s Traditional, spicy, mustard and vinegar. 


Everything is homemade. It really shines through in every bite no matter what you get. It’s also approved by local law enforcement and SWAT teams who regularly dine in, Devey said.  

I had the opportunity to try all the sauces, some brisket, pulled pork, and ribs along with a few sides (we will get there in a minute). 

To give these slow-cooked meats their proper due, I should say that whatever you choose will be worth it, maybe even life-changing.  


The pulled pork is a classic and even without sauce, the seasoning is perfect. My favorite combo was the pulled pork with the DUB’s Traditional, but all the sauces added their own unique twist to the pork. The ribs were delicious as well with a tenderness that’s unmatched and the spicy sauce did well to give it a little heat.  

However, my favorite was the brisket. To those who don’t like brisket (I was one of you until DUB’s), let me just say that this is unlike any brisket you have ever had. The meat was so, so tender and flavorful and I was able to get the brisket taste without being assaulted by fat. I could not stop eating it. My favorite sauce combination was with vinegar. I have never in my life liked brisket, but I will now be going back just for that.  

Now onto the sides. There are more options, but I tried a sampler of coleslaw, mac n’ cheese, and potato salad which all went perfectly with the barbecue entrees. The coleslaw is unique because not only does it retain its crunch, but it also has a great flavor of sweetness. The best I have ever had.  

The potato salad was so creamy and rich with just enough tang to make it the perfect balance for the heavy meats. Lastly, the mac n’ cheese was the creamiest of all time and not under or over cooked. Truly incredible sides.  


Lastly, I had some Rajin’ Cajun fries that will forever make me compare other fries to them. Thin, straw-like shapes, with excellent seasonings and it was all over. No fear of getting a too-salty piece. The texture was crispy without the over-oily feel you get from some places.  


There are a ton of other options plus, DUB’s does excellent catering and is always happy to be a part of a special event and help any way they can.  

The staff has had no turnover, Devey said.  

“I haven't lost any employees. I don't have the turnover. I've been blessed with truly happy people who understand that I can’t do this without them,” Devey said. “I mean, even if you're just an employee, most people assume you're probably family, because I think that's what's made us different. It's not necessarily just a job. You know, you get a lot of laughter. We joke around, give each other s*** every single day, and tease each other. You know, we are truly just like any family.” 

Devey’s daughter has been in the kitchen since she was just a little girl and now, she helps run the restaurant and the catering. It’s pretty common to see both Devey’s in any spot but always checking on the customers and the food. A refreshing, feel-good location. 

So, if you haven’t had the opportunity to check out DUB’s Barbecue and Catering, stop in and pick anything. You won’t be disappointed.  


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