Bigfoot is alive and well…and living in Utah.

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You can tell she's from Utah because of the flavored soda. (Tenor)

At least that's according to written testimonies of eyewitnesses gathered and put together by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, or BFRO.

According to their website, the mission of the BFRO, among other things, is to " to resolve the mystery surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon, that is, to derive conclusive documentation of the species existence."

Furthermore, they state that "this goal is pursued through the proactive collection of empirical data and physical evidence from the field and by means of activities designed to promote an awareness and understanding of the nature and origin of the evidence."

In other words, they're looking for Sasquatch and by golly they're going to find it.

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The Bigfoot hunters' decree put into layman terms. (gfycat)


Have you ever seen Bigfoot in Utah? Then I suggest submitting your experience to their website so we can jack up those numbers.

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Utah is lagging behind other states in the number of Bigfoot sightings. (gfycat)

Here are all the counties in Utah, ranked by the number of Bigfoot sightings from the least to the most.

Utah Counties Ranked By Bigfoot Sightings

Here are all the Counties in Utah ranked by the number of bigfoot sightings according to
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