You're driving down the freeway through Cedar City, Utah when something catches your attention.

In the corner of your eye, you see what seems to be a lighthouse.  "But how could that be?!", you ask yourself. "There's not a body of water anywhere near here!" So what's with the lighthouse?

The lighthouse is a landmark for the Providence shopping center. Nearby you find Walmart, Cafe Rio, Panda Express, Jack in the box and a number of other fine establishments.

Providence Point is a shopping/dining district in Cedar City
Providence Point is a shopping/dining district in Cedar City

Since it was built in 2000, the lighthouse has stood proudly and guided weary travelers towards an array of delectable treats and shopping bliss. It has stood as a sentinel, beckoning to all those who see it to come and enjoy some cheese fries.

Okay, maybe I'm the only one who hears voices in my head telling me to eat cheese fries, but still.

The lighthouse is HUGE. It's UNIQUE. It's a local LANDMARK.

The Statue of Liberty is referred to as "Lady Liberty." The giant clock in London is known as "Big Ben". The geyser at Yellowstone National Park has the moniker of "Old faithful."

The clock in London is called "Big Ben (Canva/SUU)
The clock in London is called "Big Ben", so why don't we have a name for OUR lighthouse landmark? (Canva/SUU)

So why on earth do we not have an agreed-upon name for the lighthouse in Cedar City? Sure we could just call it "The Lighthouse", but what's the fun in that?

Let's get a little creative and stupid at the same time. Let's come together as a community and name that lighthouse!


The lighthouse at Providence Point in Cedar City is majestic enough to have a name. But what should that name be?
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