Utah is the state of fantasy literature-obsessed people according to recent studies spurred on by the announcement of a Harry Potter Television Series based on the books.  

Though not everyone is pleased about the announcement from HBO Max, Utah is still leading the charge for most searches related to Harry Potter in the last year according to The Hollywood Times. 1.8 million related searches came from Utah over the last year. The study found that 22.8 percent were negative toward the news. Those negative posts came from mostly people ages 18-24.  

That just means there are some die-hard Potterhead's in the state.  

The study also showed that 53 out of 100 Utah residents at least have an interest in the show. Colorado comes in second place with 45.3 out of 100 residents interested in the series.  

Cultural Currents Institute also did a study looking over the last 12 months to see which state loved Harry Potter the most. Utah came in first again for that and loving Lord of The Rings and Twilight with the most search volume.  

Photo by Thomas Schweighofer on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Schweighofer on Unsplash

So, Utahn’s love fantasy literature, and some are mad about a new(remake?) series based on a well-known story.  

In fact, Utahns enjoy escaping to other worlds so much there is even a park dedicated to Live Action Role Playing (LLARPING). It’s a year-round Renaissance fair where cosplayers and fans can dress up and experience quests, magic shows, old-timey markets, and more. The front-page of the Evermore Park website even has hobbit burrows showing that the park was well aware of how much Utah residents adore LOTR.  

If you want to visit this park, you’ll have to travel a bit up to Pleasant Grove.  

I’m sure you’ll see many people dressed up on May 2, which is International Harry Potter Day. As the most obsessed state, we can’t disappoint!

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