I don't consider myself much of a "Crier". Yes I cry at sad movies, and yes I cry when something horrible happens. Horrible things like when Firefly was cancelled, or when I'm losing money betting on the Detroit Lions yet again. But if I have her cried for the sake of crying? No. I can't say I have.

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sometimes you just gotta let it all out. (tenor)

However, many years of marriage to a woman have taught me that some people have a lot of pent-up feelings, and the only way they can let them out is with a good old-fashioned mental breakdown. And just because I can't relate to something doesn't mean I can't help.  Gold star for me.

While I'm not an expert on what it feels like to cry in public, I have seen an awful lot of movies, and I know how dramatic tear-jerking works.

So if you are looking for the best place to go in Southern Utah, where you can park a car, take out an old letter from that guy who dumped you, and just turn on the water works until you're a sloppy mess of a puddle...then you have definitely come to the right place.

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There's nothing to be ashamed of buddy. (tenor)

Here are a handful of places in Southern Utah where you can sob uncontrollably until your eyes turn red and your throat goes dry. Knock yourself out. And good luck.

Places To Cry In Southern Utah

Here are some places to go in Southern Utah the next time you need to have a good, dramatic cry.
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