Television in Utah is always changing and maybe the most surprising note from 2023, is its most watched show.  

A study by Wise Voter showed the most watched shows by the state in 2023. Utah showed its love for Wednesday by making it the most-watched show of last year. Mississippi, Ohio, and New Mexico also had Wednesday as their most-watched show in 2023.  

Other states leaned toward Kaleidoscope and Emily in Paris.  

If you are unfamiliar with Wednesday, the show follows the famous Wednesday Adams as she goes to a school for monsters and those like her and uncovers mysteries from her parents' time at school when they were students.  

World Premiere Of Netflix's "Wednesday"
Getty Images for Netflix

I’m not sure how much Utah enjoys “scary” things like movies and shows, but Wednesday's second season is supposed to be much darker.  

Jenna Ortega, the star of the show gave a preview during an interview with Elle Fanning on Variety’s Actors on Actors. 

Ortega added that the show is also "ditching any romantic love interest for Wednesday" in the new season. “We’ve decided we want to lean into the horror aspect of the show a little bit more,” Ortega added. “Because it is so lighthearted, and a show like this with vampires and werewolves and superpowers, you don’t want to take yourself too seriously.” 

So, Utahns who are fans of the Netflix show can look forward to an even more action-packed season which release date has not yet been scheduled. However, according to People Magazine, the show is set to start filming in April of this year.  


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