Alright, it’s a sad and joyous moment for fans of the “Witcher” series on Netflix as the first part of the third season airs on June 30.  

Hardcore fans know that Geralt actor Henry Cavill is leaving the show and honestly, I’m not sure he can be replaced. I’ve read both the books and avidly watched the show, and he is PERFECT. A sad day indeed, however, I’m stoked for the continued storyline. 

So, in honor of this momentous day, we will be naming Utah towns that give off the vibes of all the main characters.  


My personal favorite is Salt Lake City as Jaskier. This city is full of long nights, open bars, and the occasional musician (minstrel). You can find just about anything there and with all the bars in town, you might even spot Jaskier.  


Yennifer is both elegant and strong, just like Springdale, UT. Though this Utah city may seem small, it packs a big punch with the scenery and brings in A LOT of tourism. The majestic views and the sometimes frustrating amount of people trying to get in really give off Yennifer vibes.  


St. George is DEFINITELY Geralt. Not only is the city known for being hot (temperature-wise), but it can give off an unfriendly welcome to unsuspecting visitors. St. Georgians HATE people from CA (myself excluded) and Geralt just generally doesn’t like people.  

I too prefer my dog, Lucy, over most people as Geralt prefers Roach his horse (SPOILER: RIP). 


Lehi UT is now dubbed the “Ciri City” since it’s the fastest growing city in the state. Just like Ciri discovering herself, this city is learning new stuff all the time. Mostly about how to deal with the growth. No magical powers are involved though! 


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