Is it just me, or does every TV show wait until your mom walks into the room for everyone to start swearing?

Hear Me Out Hold On GIF by Saturday Night Live

You tried your best to explain that you were not watching smut, but rather a very educational and age-appropriate program.  That was until she showed up and ruined everything.  

Listen, the reason our moms were so protective was because they cared about us. They didn’t want us to grow up to be total morons, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, the shows we were watching on TV were incredibly moronic.

Johnny knoxville j jackass GIF on GIFER - by Muris

I don’t think any one can make a convincing argument that watching three hours of JACKASS every day has made us into better people.  Sure, it taught us not to shoot ourselves out of a cannon, but that opportunity rarely presents itself.

I remember when I was younger, my mom, who was a teacher at the time, came home flustered and frustrated. The kids she was teaching apparently thought it was HILAAAAARIOUS to act exactly like Bart Simpson. Bart Simpson Los Simpson GIF - BartSimpson LosSimpson BartBailando -  Discover & Share GIFs | The simpsons, Bart simpson, Simpson

When she asked them to do something, they would say “eat my shorts”. When she got upset with them, they said “don’t have a cow man”. And just like that, the Simpsons were no longer welcome in our home.

Recently we asked on our Facebook page, “what are the TV shows that your mom forbade YOU to watch?” 

Below is a list of the most often mentioned TV shows that our dear, sweet, caring, well meaning mothers tried their best to keep from our virgin eyes and ears.

We watched all of them anyway, but they did their best. Cover Eyes GIFs | Tenor

Thanks for looking out for us Mom.

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