With so many entertainment choices these days, it's hard to know what is good. But lucky for you, you have a couple of BFFs named Mikey and the Mrs who can let you know what's what.

We don't ever get paid for these endorsements, that's how you know we are being honest. It's also how you know that we are really really bad at making money.

The show that grabbed our attention and didn't let go is the new Netflix comedy UNSTABLE starring Rob Lowe.

Rob Lowe plays Ellis Dragon, an admired, mildly narcissistic biotech CEO.  Since losing his wife in an accident, The Eccentric scientist has become something of a hot mess.

Rob Lowe plays an eccentric tech CEO who's life is falling apart. (Netflix)
Rob Lowe plays an eccentric tech CEO who's life is falling apart. (Netflix)

The company, fearing their leader has lost his mind, employs the help of his son Jackson(played by Lowe’s real-life son John Owen Lowe), who seems to be the only person on earth who feels permitted to call his dad out on his nonsense.

The father-son chemistry and comedic banter between the two Lowes makes for an authentic experience that transcends beyond the script.

Another outstanding performance that deserves our mention is the very likable and very weird scientist Luna, played by Rachel Marsh.  Her quirky mannerisms and subtle expressions had us laughing during every scene she was in.

The show is certainly not for the entire family, it has its fair share of naughty words. But believe us when we say that this show had us laughing much harder than we ever expected to.

The show is funny, relatable, and has quite a bit of heart. And for these things, unstable on Netflix has earned the illustrious BONNIE AND MIKEY LIKEY seal of approval.


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