As the temperatures are heating up, it's becoming apparent that this Summer will be terrible (temperature wise) in Utah.  

However, for those of us with air conditioning, freezers, and even the ability to go to cooler climates really have nothing to complain about. It sucks the most for those who are homeless in the state and must make do with what they can find. The National Alliance to End Homelessness said there are close to 900 people who are homeless on any given night in Utah. This data spans from 2007-2018 so it's a bit out of date.  

A more recent report from KSL News found that homelessness if only increasing in the U.S. overall and in the state. For every 10,000 people at least 20 experienced a night of homelessness.  

In 2018, the number of homeless to 10,000 was 7. Now 11 in 10,000 people will experience homelessness on any given night. There has been roughly a four percent increase, KSL News said.  

Inflation has caused many to cut back on spending and just finding a place to live isn't getting any cheaper. Though the pandemic is over, the remnants of lost jobs and funds have played a role that many are still experiencing.  

If you can give back and help the homeless population near you, there are a few ways that the National Coalition for the Homeless suggest you go about it.  

  • Work at a shelter. Take an evening or overnight shift.
  •  Help build or fix up houses or shelters.
  • Offer professional skills directly or assist in job training.
  • Share hobbies. 
  • Invite people experiencing homelessness to a community event.
  • Organize an event at a shelter.
  •  Work with children.  
  • Involve others! 

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