Temperatures are finally heating up in Utah but that isn’t always a good thing, and no I am not talking about the drought.  

That has been bad for the last several years, but warmer weather also has some health implications. There is always the concern of heat stroke in Southern Utah but some experience migraines in the heat too.  

Thats right, warmer weather means a higher possibility of migraines for those who suffer from them like me.  

Though this isn’t a sure thing for all people who suffer from migraines, it can be a big factor. The Mayo Clinic said that some people experience a chemical change in their brains. The imbalances are caused because of the heat which can lead to a migraine.  

The glare from the sun can also be a migraine trigger.  

Southern Utah gets HOT in the Summer and if you aren’t paying attention to your water intake, you could trigger dehydration. That in turn can be a migraine trigger.  

If you’ve never experienced a migraine, it is brutal. Many if not all your senses can be impacted and it's essentially a headache on steroids.  

Summer is the worst time for migraines in Utah and everywhere else. The heat can play a big factor in not eating as much, sleeping less, and just being thirstier. So, try to maintain consistency in your sleep schedule and your eating habits this Summer.  

It will help with the unfortunate migraines and your overall summer schedule. Though I hope none of you experience this, stay safe in the hot weather and drink LOTS of water.


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