Who’s ready to chill out? If you said yes, then this article is for you.



We’ve all been stressed out for a while now and I’m not immune to that. That’s how I stumbled across music to study to/Lo-fi channels on YouTube.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on YouTube or just on the internet in general, you’ve probably heard people talk about or stumbled across music to study to or lo-fi stations. It doesn’t take much searching on YouTube for the algorithm to have music to study to stations of every variety popping up all over your recommended videos list. If you're a millennial or younger it's part of the online cultural zeitgeist.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into, there’s a chill music station for that: vaporwave, a coffee café somewhere else in the world, jazz, electronic stations of every variety, classical music, are you into dark academia now because of a childhood obsession with the Harry Potter books? Well, there’s a station for that too you lucky wizard you.

Many of these channels have merch stores and record labels attached to them and between all their channels combined, have many millions of subscribers. Many also employ animators and illustrators for their channels as well. Here are a list of channels that might help you on your journey to relax.


The Jazz Hop Café is one of the first stations I came across on my search to be less stressed. Along with their YouTube channel they have a music label and merch store. Based in the UK, they describe themselves as one of the main pioneers of the popular Lo-fi music movement having begun in 2015.



Chillhop Music began in 2013 from a small bedroom in the countryside of the Netherlands and is an independent music label and curator. The music focuses on beats that blend hip hop with jazz and lo-fi. Last year they expanded by starting a café and clothing brand under the name Endless Summer.


Lofi Girl is a YouTube channel that is known for its 24/7 “lo-fi hip hop radio-beats to relax/study to” livestream. She is also the face of the attached independent record label Lo-fi Records.


Music Lab includes three YouTube channels under its umbrella as well as an independent music label and merch store. The three channels are: Work Music Lab, Ambient Music Lab, and LoFi Music Lab. Some of the music you can find on these channels include: chillstep, future garage, ambient, lo-fi hip hop, chillhop, and jazzhop.


College Music based in the UK is about new music from unheard artists. The channel consists of several live streams and many playlists.


Do you listen to one of these channels? Have I missed one of your favorites? Let me know on the B92.1 app.

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