Imagine for a moment you’re a fish. You spent your entire life in a hatchery minding your own business, when one day you’re scooped up and put into a tank. 

The next thing you know the floor drops out, and you, along with thousands of your kinfolk suddenly fall out of the bottom of a plane and go hurling toward the earth in a freefall.

an accurate depiction of your thoughts as a falling fish

You have no idea what’s happening. "Why am I falling?" you think to yourself. "What IS falling?" "Where did the water go?" "Is this how I die?!" "I can’t possibly die yet, I haven’t even seen the Atlantic ocean!"

Your feelings as a skydiving fish

The next thing you know you’re slapping the surface of the Utah lake, and everything goes quiet again.

You then think to yourself, “What the heck just happened?” And then you think, “do fish actually have inner monologues?”

While  we have no idea how fish think, we do know why the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources makes them go skydiving every year.

According to the Utah DWR website, the Fish are dropped into local waterways to restock the lakes for fishing. And since the fish are specially bred to be sterile, the Influx of new fish doesn't upset the already fragile ecosystems.

Check out this YouTube video that the good people at TECH INSIDER did about Utah's aerial restocking program, and behold the majesty of falling fish.

So the next time you’re in a canoe on a lake in Utah, and you're suddenly slapped on the head with 1000+ fish falling from the sky, you'll know why.

But still, just like most fishing stories, when you tell people about it…nobody’s going to believe you.

your friends via giphy
Your friends when you tell them fish were falling from the sky



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