FUN FACT: Did you know that Bryce Canyon National Park have guard rails for a reason? YES! IT'S TRUE!


Apparently this isn't obvious to all of humanity, since one guy who the internet is dubbing a "Touron" jumped a guard rail in Bryce Canyon.

Why did he do it? Was it because his girlfriend ran off with his brother and he wanted to end it all? Did he think he was a bird?  Was he Drunk, High or Crazy?


It was all for THE GRAM.

This clip, which comes to us from the good people at Tourons Of Yellowstone clearly shows our anti-hero looking into the camera with a "hold my beer" face just moments before attempting his own personal track meet against common sense.

Immediately after slipping on the rocks below, one can hear the horrified screams of a woman who apparently was surprised at how gravity works.  The jumper himself begins to panic as his life flashes before his eyes, and I can only assume his pants become soiled.

actual inner dialogue of jumper via tenor
actual inner dialogue of jumper via tenor

It has often been said that the difference between a DAREDEVIL and an IDIOT is how they stick the landing.  Evel Knievel? Daredevil.  A guy with superpowers who fights crime in Hell's Kitchen? Daredevil.  Guy jumping over the safety railing at a Utah National Park for internet karma?  Not a daredevil.

Kids, please don't do this.  If you want internet karma, stick to dancing.  Or singing.  Or whatever the heck this is.  But please for the love of all that's holy, stay away from heights.


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