If you’ve ever listened to the Mikey in the Mrs. Show, then you know  that I LOVE dad jokes. Crappy puns, silly jokes that revolve around farts and burps, it doesn’t matter. They’re all spectacular to me and I consider them all to be works of fine art.

Not only are DAD JOKES great on their own, but most of the fun of telling a dumb joke is watching your victim (uh, I mean audience) groan in a slight amount of pain, coupled with a twinge of amusement.  Sometimes you can even see their soul leave their bodies, leaving their eyes looking dead like a shark's.

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As a father of five, I am constantly cracking jokes and making my teenagers go right to the border of strangling me.

But my kids aren’t the only ones who get to suffer. Every weekday morning, my darling wonderful wife Bonnie has to listen to joke after joke all designed to elicit a reaction as if I have just punched her brain in the stomach.

Come with me on this journey of 25 dad jokes that made Bonnie almost die inside.

Are you in a place where you can't watch a video and laugh your brains out?!  Well check out the gallery below for a few highlights!

13 Dad Jokes That Made Bonnie Die A Little Inside

Just because she's laughing on the outside, doesn't mean she's not crying on the inside.


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