Ever since you dropped out of dental school to become an underwater circus clown, your dad‘s been a little less than impressed with you.

But you know what champ? I’ve got a good feeling about this year. This is going to be YOUR year.

At Thanksgiving, you’re going to sit down at the table and let loose some jokes that are so corny, so dorky, that they will bring a tear to your father‘s eye, and he’ll finally refer to you by your FIRST NAME, instead of what he usually calls you, "Disappointment".

Heck, these jokes are so cheesy your Dad might even HUG you. I know. It’s shocking. But if there’s one thing that her Dad knows more than anything else, it’s how to throw a pun grenade into the middle of a party, and blow that popsicle stand sky high.

Once he sees your comedy chops on full display, he'll have no choice but to burst his buttons with pride.  After all, Game recognizes game.

Here at B92.1, we have your back. We are going to give you the jokes you need to change your life.

Remember. Fortune favors the bold.

After all, that’s why the turkey crossed the road…to prove he wasn’t chicken.

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Thanksgiving Jokes that will finally make your Dad proud of you. Good luck.
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