There is nothing more beautiful than wildflowers in the Utah summer and Cedar Breaks National Monument offers some of the best.  

A great way to escape the Southern Utah heat is to travel up to Cedar Breaks and take in the stunning views. Not only is it WAY cooler but it's a great experience for nature lovers and family.   

Over the 4th of July Weekend the annual Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival began, and I headed up to the first wildflower hike of the season. It was immediately cooler there and such a nice change from the 100-degree weather. Plus, everything was GREEN. There were beautiful trees and wildflowers everywhere I looked.  


There are guided hikes and bingo cards for the wildflower hikes that are family friendly. If you have a dog, you can also bring them along since Cedar Breaks is dog friendly. The hike is relatively short, about an hour long, and you end up learning about some of the endemic wildflower species.  


At the end of the hike, you end up at the Cedar Breaks overlook which was absolutely breath taking. I haven’t seen something so cool since I last visited Zion National Park. It was totally worth the drive and I highly recommend visiting before the Wildflower Festival is over. 


The festival lasts from July 6 through July 14. 

The guided wildflower hikes are friendly for all ages and our group had a few kids and older folks who greatly enjoyed the experience. So, make sure to bring your family to enjoy it if you can.  

Utah Wildflower Festival In Cedar Breaks

Check out the Cedar Breaks National Monument Wildflower Festival this week!

Gallery Credit: Elle Cabrera

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