There are two ramen shops in town, but only one comes truly close to what I would expect to find somewhere like Las Vegas.  

Slurpin’ Ramen has been around St. George for a few years but unfortunately, the broth is always too rich for me to finish (no matter what kind I order). There are plenty of options, and the place really gives off “hole-in-the-wall” but honestly, Soul Ramen and Noodles is the better choice.  

Soul Ramen and Noodles got an awesome review from DJ Tischner back when it first opened on our sister station Cat Country. He gave it an 8/10. However, since its initial opening at the beginning of 2023, Soul Ramen and Noodles made quite a few changes.



First off, the ramen shop is no longer located off River Rd but is now located off Sunset Blvd in the Phoenix Plaza. They have a space that really brings the shop together. It’s a low-lit space filled with anime and cultural art on every wall.  

It’s really cozy and feels very private even though it’s an open space.  

On the menu, you can find more options in udon, ramen, and a TON of drinks. For the summer the newest options include katsu curry over rice, a spicy beef bun, and lots of watermelon drinks.  


On my most recent visit, I ordered the tonkatsu ramen with a watermelon tea drink recommended to me by the owner. The broth was absolute perfection and even as temperatures rise it’s a filling meal that leaves one feeling refreshed after.  

The watermelon tea was so cool and light. It helped complement the spices from the ramen.  

There are even more options to try at Soul Ramen and Noodles than there have been at Slurpin Ramen. However, both have their upsides.  

What ramen place is your go-to in town? 


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