My boss told me I had to write an article that is a minimum of two hundred and fifty words long.  See how I typed out the number instead of using actual numbers?  That’s how I add more words to my article.  It’s a method I learned from being lazy.  


So far I have fifty-seven words.

So for my first article, I am going to talk about stores that we don’t have in Southern Utah.

One store that Southern Utah doesn’t have is HOBBY LOBBY.  I find it fascinating that they were able to use two words that rhyme when they were thinking of what to name it.  It’s a good thing that the CEO’s name wasn’t Bobby, then they probably would have named their store HOBBY BOBBY or BOBBY'S HOBBY LOBBY.

The word count is now one hundred and forty-two.

Another store that Southern Utah doesn’t have is TRADER JOE'S.  It used to be called TRADER JOSEPHINA'S after the owner's son who had a super feminine name.  But Josephina was ashamed by his name.  So he set the store on fire and it only burned off half of his name, and it stuck. 

FUN FACT: I made all of that up.

The word count is now two hundred and twelve.

Almost there.

I really really hope you were immensely satisfied by every word that was typed by my freckled little hands. 

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Word count has now been satisfied! Suck it, boss.

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