Utah’s ski resorts are opening, and storms are finally coming for the Winter but, if you’re thinking of having a snowball fight, think again.  

That’s right, it’s illegal to throw a snowball in Utah, at least in Provo. Municipal Code 9.14.100 puts snowballs in the missile category meaning if it hits someone's car, person, or property it could be a misdemeanor.  

Snowballs are usually harmless, however, if you pack them tight enough it could do some damage. Usually, it breaks off upon impact in a fun explosion of snow leaving the target slightly colder than they were before, maybe even a little more wet from the snow. I mean, paintballs usually leave more of a mark.  

There is one incident that may have done some serious damage and that was back in 1986 in Nebraska. Roughly 600 people were involved in a massive snowball fight that occurred at the University of Nebraska leaving seven people with injuries. These included a dislocated shoulder, eye scratches, facial cuts, and an injured hand. However, there are no reports that the cause was an actual snowball.  

The university did suffer damage with seven broken windows totaling $350. This does seem like an extreme case since several hundred people were involved. Personally, I would have totally participated.  

So, as long as you’re not in Provo city limits, throwing a snowball is actually fine. With some of the coolest scenery around, especially in Winter, Utah is a great place for an epic snowball fight. 

Happy snowball fight season, Utah! 

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