Utah has had plenty of winter weather these last few weeks and even Southern Utah has seen cloudy skies and rain.  

For most (even me) this is a nice change of pace from the sunny blue skies. However, some people (also me) suffer from sinus pressure related to barometric pressure. I would love to wake up on a rainy day and not feel like I have been punched in the face. I bet you would too.  

So, if you have allergies and live in Utah sneezing, stuffy face, and sinus pressure are something you may be familiar with. The cause of pressure-related sinus issues is called non-allergenic rhinitis, the American Sinus Institute said.  

The ASI also said that humidity and temperatures are the triggers for non-allergenic rhinitis. Since it's NOT actual allergies that means usual allergy antihistamines won't work. Basically, go for the decongestion medicine instead.  

One reason the barometric pressure system is important for Utahns to pay attention to is that it can impact blood flow and sinus flow, resulting in a painful stuffy face. Possibly the one you’ve been suffering from for the past week.  

Not only that, but it can also cause migraines which are even more painful.  

So, how can Utahns get rid of these sinus issues? 

Well, for one, go see your doctor and take note of system pressure and how that impacts you. Next, figure out what decongestant works for you. I use the tried-and-true Sinex from Vicks and sometimes even Advil.  

If medications aren't your thing, sometimes a hot shower with a peppermint shower steamer helps alleviate the pain a bit. This has worked for me, but it may not work for you.  

Anyway, best of luck during this low-pressure system.  


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